The Latest Interior Design Trends in 2017

The Latest Interior Design Trends in 2017

While black metals, stark patterns and black edges dominated 2016’s interior design trends, renowned interior designers predict the creation of warmer, comfortable spaces this year. Kitschy, wild and crazy designs will be replaced by more relaxed and laidback schemes while the use of sharp hexagonal and octagonal tiles will decrease to usher in warmer neutral designs that create fabric-like patterns. Terracotta tiles with a matte finish, for example, will replace the prevalent white tones to create cosy spaces. Next is a look at the trending interior design London for 2017.

Faux Finishes

Here, we are not talking about the patterned faux fur rugs, but faux leather counters, manufactured grey floors and faux wood ceiling beams as a recent trend in interior design London. Faux materials have recently gained popularity among designers and homeowners for their low price and reliability when compared to authentic materials. Faux wood ceilings, for instance, don’t rot like bow like real wood while manufactured quartz can hold out spilt acidic foods and heat better than marble floors. Artificial grey floors provide a perfect solution to applying finishes to hardwood floors.

Artisanal items in place of DIY

With sites like Pinterest, Etsy and Instagram providing lots of insight on DIY projects, the trend has become an important part of our lives. However, designers predict a change in the trend as homeowners look for more artisan items that allow customisation and a high degree of craftsmanship. As such, materials like porcelain and glass will make a comeback to replace the use of big raw pieces of recycled wood.

Escapism Spaces

Construction of sheltered spaces will become another favourite interior design London trend as humans respond to the increasingly technological lifestyle. The areas will have comfortable furniture and materials with oversized love seats and floor cushions to allow individuals to spend time in spaces devoid of digital distraction. It doesn’t mean listing the 65″ flat screen for sale but creating havens of calm and serenity in the bedroom or other appropriate spaces.

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